threading knife Ms. Shaving knife eyebrow Eyebrow trimmer The electric shave wool implement repair wool implement

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This product is safe and practical, delicate and portable, can help you easily trim the eyebrows, face, ears, fortune, arms, calves, and other fine hair and other parts of the body, so that the pursuit of perfection you show handsome, In addition to eyebrow can also be used to remove the face and the back of the hair.

Clear excess from the hair, it is particularly important, hair removal cream use trouble, it is easy to cause allergic reactions, such as the use of eyebrows and pain is not convenient, ordinary razor has a certain risk.

Product Features:

1, can be multi-functional pruning eyebrows, face, ears, fortune, arms, calves, and so on extra small hair

2, the head can be replaced angle, can be bent, can be straight

3, safe head does not hurt the skin