Tattoo inks 25color Optional Permanent Makeup Micro Pigment Cosmetic encre tatouage Tattoo Ink Permanent Eyebrow Eyeliner Lip

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Permanent Makeup Tattoo pigment Cosmetic Tattoo Pigment Sex Lip color perfect eyebrow color never change color


1.It contains high intensity organic, non-toxic pigement.

2.Ingreients: Iron Oxide,Titannium Dioxide,Glycerine,Ethanol,Distilled water.

3.Eyebrow Permanent makeup pigment

4.Easy to coloring & stay long time & not became red or blue.


1, UV-light absorbing,nontoxicity,no color movement

2, Light resistance,weather resistance

3, transparency,heat stablility

4,Never change color and easy to colored !

5, Can be used by manual pen or permanent makeup tattoo machine

The tattoo inks are suitable for all people,example:
Black: Applied to a black embroidered eyeliner, eyelashes coloring.
Black Brown: Apply deeper brow, darker skined people.
Dark Coffee: Suitable for natural character, skin color of normal people.
Brown:People who apply to sparse eyebrows and color fade, middle aged or above apply.
Light Brown: Suitable for fair-skinned, rosy girls about 20 years old.
Dark Ash Brown: Suitable for darker eyebrows, yellow-skined people.
Ash Brown: Apply to sparse eyebrows, white skin, gray color eyebrows.
Light Ash Brown: Lighter, gray color, suitable for backing or color.
Taupe: Apply eyebrow coloring, modification, stable pigment to prevent redness.
Skin: Used to adjust the shades of other colors, apply to eyebrow lip.
White: Used to adjust the shades of other colors, suitable for covering, can also used for part of the color palette.
Gray: Base color or gray eyebrows.

Packing:1 piece tattoo inks


Qualified Pigment Ingredients Test

Imported 100% natural pigment

Safe and non toxic imported organic plant pigments