Peel-off Tattoo Eyebrow Gel Long-lasting Dye Tinted Brow Cream Waterproof Paint Makeup Eye Tint Cosmetics Black Brown Eyebrows

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Peel Off Tattoo Wine Bottle Shape Long-lasting Gel Eyebrow Shadow Dye Makeup Waterproof Paint Sombrancelha Tint Wax Cosmetics

*Flat brush,make the paste evently coated cover each eyebrow.
*Dyeing natural,lasting nondiscoloring,warm water can discharge makeup.
*Moisturizing,make the eyebrow more luster.
*Gel rich color,perfect match hair color.

Product Feature:
1.Lasting color,good water resistance.
2. Flat Brush,soft and elastic texture,smear the eyebrow gel more complete,achieve a apply gently,evenly coloring.
3. It belongs to the gel liquid,first open and it has wiredrawing.

Method Of Use:
Daub evenly on the eyebrows,waiting for two hours, two hours later start tearing and tearing within 24 hours after washing a face to avoid brow.
Type of color: 01#Dark Brown, 02#Nature Brown , 03#Gray Black

Net WT: 6g
Packing Including: 1PC X Dye Eyebrow Gel