Nose hair repairer razor 2 in 1 razor eyebrow shaping knife electric eyebrow shaping device

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Nose hair device, shaving device, 2 in one, shaving nose knife, shaving knife, eyebrow shaping knife, electric eyebrow shaping device

Name: Multifunctional nose hair clipper

Material: ABS material body

Packing size: 18.5 x 2.6 x 6.6 cm (7.28 x 1.02 x 2.59 inches)

Hair from all parts of the body, such as the side angle, nose hair, back neck, umbilical hair and eyebrows can be cleaned
Equipped with extra size ferry head: mm, mm, flexible to maintain the length of the local hair, repair eyebrows more fully, easy to operate, easy to handle all parts of the hair.

product description:
Using a depilatory cream, this can easily cause an allergic reaction, drawing eyebrows, such as pain, using impractical and ordinary razors, and there are some risks. This product is safe, practical and exquisite and portable. It can help you easily hold the body parts such as eyebrows, face, ears, success cases, arms, legs and other ultra-thin hair, so that people can find the perfect color. In addition to threading, it can also be used. For the removal of facial and neck fluff and nose hair, it is comfortable, simple and safer.