New Arrival Permanent Makeup Pen Swiss Motor Permanent Makeup Tattoo Power Supply For Tattoo Eyebrow Lip Drop Shopping

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Material: Aluminum

Working Voltage: 6V-8V

Input: 110 – 240V.

Output: 0 – 12V.

Available to use worldwide with a fitted adapter.

Weight: 165g.

Color: Silver.


Use the Taiwan Chip motherboard, not burning by long time use, and make the power supply has long life.

The power will shut down automatically when the voltage overload, which it’s safe and reliable.

It can switch between two machines at the same time, makes the operation more efficient.

Working time can adjust at will use probability size, suitable for all kinds of parts and skin.

Working voltage: 110-240V,suitable for global use.

Rated running power: 0-15V, suitable for all tattoo machines use.

With manual and brake pedal switch can make the operation more convenient to control.

Use the original Swiss coreless motor, not burning with long time operation;

Speed: 12000r/m, high performance, low noise muffled;

Suitable for eyebrows, eyelids and lips, also for small tattoo design;

Packing list

1pcs Power supply with plug (US OR EU U-Pick )

1pcs swiss motor permanent makeup pen separeted wire