Microblading Pre-Inked MAPPING STRING Eyebrow Marker thread Tattoo Brows Point 10m Pre Inked tattoo PMU string for mapping

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1.Long Lasting 10 METERS
2.Mess Free, Easy Clean, Stain Proof Formulation
3.Meticulously Tested, Impeccably Safe
We meticulously and continuously test every component for safety, quality and effect, ensuring you experience superior results with every application.
4 Premium eyebrow mapping string won’t dry out, make a mess, or stain your skin, making these ideal for creating the HIGHLY VISIBLE, ULTRA-THIN MAP you need to CORRECT THE APPEARANCE of ASYMETRICAL BROWS.
6.HIGHEST TENSILE STRENGTH – JUST ONE STRING IS ALL IT TAKES! With an ultra-durable, high tensile strength