Kemei Manual Shaver Professional Straight Edge Stainless Steel Sharp Razor Shaving Beard Cutter Pen Epil Hold Ereyebrow Razor

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-Material: Plastic ABS
-Dimension: 17*7.5*4.2cm
-Battery operated(not included)
-Color: Light Blue
-Weight: 100g

Package includes:
1x Main unit;

1x cutter head;

2x limit comb(5 8);

1x base


1.Precise eyebrow shaping with the precision trimming head,waterproof,potable and prescision;

2.Cordless/battery-operated trimmer – works great for pubic hair,legs,bikini area, armpit,body,face and other body areas.

3.Easy and safe removal of facial hairs with the regular trimming head for soft and silky skin.

4.Efficient shaving system,0.48mm fine-tooth techonogy,moving blade with rounded edges,13000 revolutions per minute.

5.Precise touch-ups from head to toe. Safely shape, trim or shave unwanted hair anywhere and everywhere. No brow, lip, or bikini line will stand between you and that perfect look.