Jellend Slant Tweezers Premium High Precision Eyebrow Tweezer Stainless Steel Face Hair Removal Tool For Women Makeup

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Jellend Premium High Precision Slant Eyebrow Tweezer


1.100% Brand new and made of fine stainless steel.

2.This grooming tool with slant tip allow for high precision tweezing, grabbing even the tiniest of hairs with ease.


Place a warm washcloth over eyebrows area and leave it there for about three minutes before plucking to open pores for easier removal. Grasping clean tweezers near the base of the eyebrow hair, pull the hair in the direction of their growth, apply cream to your entire brow area after plucking.


Net Weight: Appr.11g

Color: Original Color

Products Standard:Q/JLSRYP1-2011

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Jellend Slant Eyebrow Tweezer*1


Keep out of reach of children.