Electric Nose Ear Hair Trimmer Rechargeable Beard Eyebrow Trimmer Electric Nose Ear Shaver Hair Cliper Epilator Remover 4 in 1

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4 in 1 Multifunctional Nose & Ear Trimmer Beard / Temples / Nose hair / Eyebrow / Ear hair

Deep cleaning: A circular blade will not hurt the skin Eyebrows trimmer blade: You can use it for both eyebrows and manes to create the contour you want

Protective blade: Round and ultra-thin ,does not hurt the skin Sideburns trimmer blade : Protect roots of the hair

Convenient USB Charger Fully charged ,Can be used continuously for one hour

1、Beard trimmer blade 2、Sideburns trimmer blade 3、Eyebrows trimmer blade 4、Nose trimmer blade 5、Charger cable 6、Nose trimmer Body 7、Sideburns comb 8、Clean brush 9、Instruction manual 10、Packing box


One machine multi-purpose, the trimmer set can be used for nose hair, ear hair, eyebrows, sideburns and beard trimming.
Sharp stainless steel blades and high speed rotational motor, safe and efficient cutting without hurt the skin, and no hair stuck.
4 trimmer blades are washable and replaceable, you can remove and rinse the blades after use, healthy and hygienic.
Cord and cordless dual use, built-in rechargeable battery, after 12 hours full charge, it can be used continuously for 60 minutes, economic and environmental protection.
Compact and portable, one button operation, ideal for home or travel use.


1 These blades are washable, but the trimmer body is not waterproof, don’t wash the blades when attached to the trimmer.
2 The blades need to be removed and cleaned separately, only after the blades have dried completely should they be used.
3 Don’t insert the nose hair trimmer head into the nostril and earhole more than 0.5 cm in depth, too deep may damage the nostril mucosa and eardrum.
4 Switch off the trimmer before cleaning.

Package Content: (Packed in safe bubble bag,no box)

1 x Nose trimmer
1 x Nose trimmer blade cap
1 x Charging cable with plug
1 x Eyebrows trimmer blade
1 x Sideburns trimmer blade
1 x Beard trimmer blade
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x User manual(Chinese/English)

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