Electric Face Eyebrow Scissors Hair Trimmer Mini Portable Practical Women Body Shaver Remover Blade Razor Eye Brow Epilator

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4 Colors Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

The eyebrow pen,Smudge proof,waterproof,anti-sweat and glamorous round-the-clock.There are several colors,Chestnut,Brown,Dark gray,black you can choose what color you like.

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Electric Face Eyebrow Scissors Hair Trimmer

Mini Portable Practical Women Body Shaver Remover Blade Razor Eye Brow Epilator.

Are you still worried about eyebrows?

1. The eyebrows are painful and the skin is loose.
2. The blade is easy to scratch and disfigured.
3. The eyebrows in the beauty salon are in health and are used by thousands of people.

Small and exquisite, all in one

1. Power indentation, completely isolated from the skin.
2. Fine tooth process, 0.48 mm tooth width.
3. All R type obtuse angle treatment.

Imported stainless steel cutter head

Thin rounded edge, the knife is indented to isolate the skin, shaving does not hurt the skin.

One battery can last for more than a year

Ah… It’s really hard to adjust. But as a good thing, there is a tune. I’ve given you the most loyal advice after you’ve experienced it yourself: the Beiyin Mini Eyebrow Knife is definitely the best one in the manual eyebrow knife I used. !

But this mini eyebrow knife completely avoids these minefields!

The reason for this is that many eyebrow knives have been bought before, mostly in the form of traditional flat long blades and long handles. It’s really good to use this eyebrow knife to fix the hair above the eyebrows, but if you want to repair the hair between the eyebrows, it is easy to scratch the skin and you are at a loss. It is even harder to use them to repair the details. In addition to this, the conventional manual eyebrow knives have a disadvantage. Once opened, the blade will be blunt or rusted soon.

Fashionable shape,small and portable

Therefore, whether you are a new eyebrow or an old eyebrow, you can easily master the use of skills, and also ensure that the delicate skin around the eyes will never be smashed. (Although it is very safe, the blade is very sharp, there is no trouble at all)

Two color available,very fashionable

You don’t need to find the angle to fix your eyebrows. You just need to sweep the eyebrows like you sweep the floor to clean up the hair. Although this description is a bit funny, it is so easy to let the hand-scarred star learn to eyebrows in an instant.

Product Parameters

If you are a new eyebrow or a strong manual eyebrow knives advocate, then you must use this mini eyebrow knife!

Its greatness is

Powerful, it can quickly trim hair, saving time and effort;
Shaving is gentle and does not hurt the skin;
The blades are not easily blunt, do not need to be replaced frequently, and have a longer service life.