5pcs 12pin Blade Needles+Golden Tebori 3D Pen Microblading Tattoo Machine For Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Tattooing Manual Guns

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Item specification:
Length:Approx 11.3cm
Weight:Approx 21g
Package included:
1X Eyebrow Tattoo Pen
5X 12pin Needles
-Aluminum material, the appearance of a fine sense of weight, feel good, for a variety of needle films.
-Material hard and beautiful, lightweight and durable, long-term does not rust.
-Easy to use, easy to replace.
-The needle into the back of the embroidery pen, pushed to the bottom of the fixed, embroidery pen unique to the automatic locking needle system will automatically lock the needle, will not appear Flying phenomenon.
-Operation, the best off the color dip in order to avoid blunt tip.
-Operation, the surgeon should pay attention to the fulcrum of the hand, the vertical holding machine in the local skin operation.
-Strict implementation of a one-man system.
-After use, the needles are discarded.