16Pcs Body Painting Tattoo Ink Set Permanent Makeup Coloring pigment Eyebrows Eyeliner Tattoo Paint Body Makeup Ink Tools

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Professional tattoo ink set, 1 ounce (30 ml) / bottle, all pigments are sterilized by gamma rays.
– Smooth and consistent: The ink flows easily and provides reliable quality and color with every use.
– Each ink is positive for tattoo artists. All pigments are neither layer nor faded.
– Each gram of pigment is completely soluble in water, indicating a fast color. The skin can easily absorb pigments.
– Vibrant and fade-resistant: Designed for professional use, this highly pigmented ink formula has long-lasting, vibrant and fade-resistant colors.
Easily absorb skin. Safe, long lasting, bright and easy to use. Create dynamic black tones for easy access to the skin.
Capacity per bottle: 1 ounce
Package weight: about 0.7 kg

Package Content: 16 bottles of tattoo ink