1 Pcs 30ml/50ml/100ml With Scaled Tip Bottle Quality PET Transparent Empty Reagent Bottle Cosmetic Refillable Bottle New Arrival

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Crystal clear PET plastic bottles, sturdy yet thin enough to squeeze(the bottles are transparent).

Twist Top Caps in black + natural.

Applies a small amount of product to a targeted area. It suits thin liquid and very thick liquid, easily squeeze out.

Good sealing. It used in many fields, like lab experiment and home use for taking certain volume liquid.

About PET Dropper Bottle

PET is the abbreviation of Poly Ethylene Terephthalateand and is a kind of plastic material for making bottle. Bottle made from PET can be fully transparent but is hard and can not be squeezable easily as LDPE but it is much popular too as the container of e-cigarette, ink, wash lotion and oil etc.


1. Package with plastic bag

2. Please note that there are scratches sometimes due to the mutual friction between the bottles during the transit. It does not affect use if you wrap those bottles with your own outer covers. Please contact us if you mind this situation.