1 PC Pro Women Kabuki Flat Contour Blusher Powder Foundation Eye Shadow Face Makeup Brush Nature Goat Hair Cosmetic Tools

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Type:blush brush

Number of brush:1

Bristles material:animal fur

Brush handle material:plastic handle, wooden handle

Brush handle specification:11.5cm/4.53″

Bristles specification:5cm/1.97″

Total length:16.5cm/6.5″

Target users:universal


1.Wooden handle with rattan shape material, antiskid and durable

2.The texture of brush head is soft and comfortable, lint-free

3.Upholding the concept of environmental protection, bristles feels good with mineral powder


Use makeup brush to clean, then dry out by tower or tissue

Set brush to ideal shape, put it on a ventilated place to dry

Never use hair dryer in case of pulling bristles

It is normal that brush lose hair and will not affect the function of makeup brush

Suggest maintenance every three weeks for daily use

Attention: never clean reversed hair , do not make the adhensive part of brush buckle wet if possible

1 X Brush